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RelFind (alpha) is a search engine for finding related images, based on contextual information

When you do a a search for related images, the search engine will take that particular image (seed) and finds related keywords and phrases, as described in the page which contains the seed image.

These related phrases/keywords are used to perform multiple searches, which will help you to discover and explore related images

Sometimes the search engine will attempt to extract some statements related to the string that you are searching - providing you with useful or funny insights.

RelFind (alpha) is created by Antony Rajiv. 

The Bing API is used for searching the images. (Originally this was developed using the Yahoo BOSS API, but after they switched to the paid model, changed to Bing API)


This is a very experimental search engine and needs a lot of improvements, your suggestions and feedbacks are welcome.

You can contact me at "antony_rajiv {at} yahoo [dot] com"


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